Retail Investor
Retail Investor is a person who is devoid of specific professional skills needed to guide decisions in a conscious investment. A retail investor is an investor who meets none of the qualified investor criteria.
Qualified Investor
The Art.10 CISA (Collective Investment Schemes Act), the Art. 6 CISO (Investment Schemes Ordinance), the Art. 4 FinSA (Federal Act on Financial Services) and the Art. 4 Ordinance of Financial Services (FinsSo) define the investor’s status and the relevant methodology of distribution of foreign investment funds. The Qualified Investor status, i.e. the clients classified as professional or institutional clients, as well as private clients who signed an asset management agreement with a Swiss Financial Intermediary duly authorized, provides access to a wide range of investments, including foreign funds registered or not for the distribution in Switzerland. According to the above-mentioned laws the following entities are classified as Qualified Investors:
  1. Regulated financial intermediaries submitted to the relevant supervision, such as portfolio managers, trustees, fund management companies, managers of collective assets, securities firms.
  2. Supervised Insurance Companies.
  3. Public entities and retirement benefit institutions with professional treasury operations;
  4. Companies with professional treasury departments.
  5. The wealthy private individuals who, at the time of the acquisition of collective investment schemes fulfill one of the following conditions:
      a. On the bases of personal training and professional experience or experience in the financial sector compatible, the investor proves to have the knowledge necessary to understand the risks in investments and confirms to holds financial assets in the high of CHF 500’000.
      b. The Investor confirms to hold financial assets above CHF 2 million.
The assets referred in paragraph b include financial investments directly or indirectly owned by the investor: (a) sight or forward assets with banks or securities firms; (b) securities and securities rights including transferable securities, collective investment schemes and structured products; (c) derivatives, (d) precious metals, (e) life insurances with surrender value, (f) delivery rights arising from other assets held in the context of a fiduciary relationship, excluding direct investments in real estate and claims from social insurance, as well as occupational pension assets.


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