Controlfida Asset Manager

Superior risk-adjusted returns for investors

Controlfida is a global Independent Asset Manager founded in Lugano in 1976, specialized in the management of open-ended funds for institutional and private clients. Controlfida aims to generate long-term superior risk-adjusted returns for investors by dynamically managing positions in interest rates, equity and currency markets as well as utilizing a proprietary option trading strategy.

The funds only invest in liquid and listed securities eliminating any liquidity and counterparty risks. Positions are monitored continuously and portfolios are dynamically modified to take advantage of even the smallest market moves.


The Funds

  • Delta UCITS Fund

    Delta UCITS Fund

    Controlfida Delta UCITS is a fund which seeks to achieve long term capital appreciation while, at the same time, reducing the volatility of its returns through dynamic option trading strategies. The fund's investment objective is to equal-perform the underlying equity markets on the up moves, while limiting the downside to 50% of the down moves…
  • SuperDiscovery UCITS

    SuperDiscovery UCITS

    Controlfida SuperDiscovery UCITS is a fund with a geographic focus on emerging markets. The fund's investment objective is to equal-perform the underlying equity markets on the up move, while limiting the down moves. The fund only invests in financial instruments that are liquid and listed on regulated markets. It has a track record dating back…
  • Delta Defensive UCITS

    Delta Defensive UCITS

    Controlfida Delta Defensive UCITS is a fund which aims to achieve a positive absolute return while limiting to the minimum its volatility throught dynamic option trading strategies. The fund's investment objective is to generate a positive annual return of 6% and not generate negative returns even if equity markets decrease up to -15%…
  • 21st Century UCITS

    21st Century UCITS

    Controlfida 21st Century is a fund who seek to achieve long term capital appreciation. The Stock-picking is based on macro industrial areas that the management consider positive for the interest rates in the future. Inside these are chosen some leader securities of each field with the exposure to the global market and with high dividend yield…
  • Fixed Income UCITS

    Controlfida Fixed Income UCITS is a fixed income fund mainly invested in securities denominated in euro. It is proposed to maintain the value of the investment through portfolio diversification and with a high standard quality of the positions held (mainly government bonds and leading industrial). The fund was launched in May 2011 by replicating good…
  • Base Fund

    Base Fund

    The Controlfida Base Fund is a Global Macro fund which aims to generate an annual return of approximately 8% with a maximum drawdown of 10% and a volatility of 15%. The fund takes positions in interest rates, equity and currencies markets, utilizing financial leverage depending on which markets and type of positions. The fund only trades…
  • Alpha Green UCITS Fund

    Alpha Green UCITS Fund

    Controlfida Alpha Green UCITS promotes environmental characteristics through the identification of companies which it believes are contributing to climate change mitigation and adaption, through the stabilisation of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level which prevents dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.






    Controlfida (SUISSE) SA

    Piazza della Riscossa, 16
    CH-6906 Lugano

    Phone: +41 (0)91 9701011
    Fax: +41 (0)91 9701206

    GIIN Nr.: LJ5F3X.99999.SL.756
    LEI Nr.: 549300KQE0BRB99JXH75

    Authorized and regulated by the Swiss Financial
    Market Supervisor Authority (FINMA).
    Member of the Swiss Association of Asset
    Managers (SAAM).

    Bridge Fund Management Limited

    Percy Exchange, 8/34 Percy Place
    Dublin 4, D04 P5K3


    LEI Nr. 635400RUG44T8XVKWX28

    FundRock Switzerland SA

    Route de Cité-Ouest 2, 1196  Gland, Switzerland

    Phone: +41 (0)22 3542530


    Paying Agent:
    NPB New Private Bank Ltd.
    Limmatquai 1/am Bellevue
    CH-8022 Zürich

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