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The Art.10 CISA (Collective Investment Schemes Act) and the Art. 6 CISO (Investment Schemes Ordinance) define the investor’s status and the method of distribution of foreign investment funds. The Qualified Investor status provides access to a wide range of investments, including foreign funds registered or not for the distribution in Switzerland. According to these laws Qualified Investors are considered:
1.    Regulated financial intermediaries such as banks, securities dealers, fund management companies and asset managers of collective investment schemes, central banks.
2.    Supervised Insurance Companies.
3.    Public entities and retirement benefit institutions with professional treasury operations;
4.    Companies with professional treasury departments.
5.    The wealthy private individuals who, at the time of the acquisition of collective investment schemes fulfill one of the following conditions:
The Investor shows/declares:
a.    On the bases of personal training and professional experience or experience in the financial sector compatible, you have the knowledge necessary to understand the risks in investments and
b.    He confirms to holds financial assets in the high of CHF 500’000.
c. The Investor confirms to hold financial assets above CHF 5 million.
To the assets referred in paragraph 1 shall be added financial investments directly or indirectly owned by the investor ie: bank assets, assets under management in trust, securities (including collective investment schemes and structured products). Derivatives, precious metal, life insurances with surrender value, while real estate assets can be computed for a maximum net value of CHF 2 million calculated on the basis of the market value net of all debts burdened on the property.

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